XNAB Privacy Policy

The goal of this website is to send your YNAB spending data into Exist.io.

This website collects as little data as possible to facilitate this integration. This page details the information that is stored and used after you've linked your YNAB and Exist accounts.

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Information We Store

Information We Do Not Store

Information We Use while Processing Transactions

The following information is requested from the YNAB API while we are processing transactions, but is not stored beyond the time it takes to send it to Exist.io


Cookies are used only to facilitate logging in to your YNAB and Exist.io accounts.

Third Parties

Data collected from YNAB is sent to Exist.io and then discarded, as described above. No data collected is sent to any other third parties. We do not use any analytics services or third party trackers to provide this service.

Log Files

We store log files to aid in troubleshooting and debugging. The log files contain the Exist.io username and daily totals sent to Exist.io on each import. If unknown errors are encountered, the API response will be logged as well.

Log files are occasionally deleted, usually monthly.

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